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The Profession of Graphic Design


  • Describe who you are as an artist, designer, student? What you are focusing on in your field of study? What are people going to read on this blog?

    I am a writer by trade, but I dream in pictures. After graduating with a B.A. in Creative Writing, I kept feeling that tugging in my brain telling me that there was something else. Growing up, I had always wanted to design things. School buses, bedrooms, logos, websites (I have too many of those)...anything you can think of, and more. Silly thing is, I never took the time to understand the principles of design, to use illustrator...until now!

    My prior experience with photoshop, cinematography, photography, and some design knowledge, has allowed me to sustain some sort of portfolio, but it causes me to wince when I forward it to someone, especially job potentials. That is why I am taking graphic design. I hope to improve and expand my portfolio beyond words and home-baked graphics––to prove that I understand design and the marketing behind it.
  • What are your thoughts on blogging? How can it be useful in the business world?

    I have had 1001 failed blogs, and counting! I love to blog. Mine never last too long, but the ones that do are so fun to write. It's not only a great exercise for your fingers, but also for your mind. Writing is something I'm very passionate about (will I ever shush?), because it's a way to allow your mind to explore itself. This allows you create new ideas as you're forced to carry on the narrative of thought.

    What's better than a writer (or blog) with a thousand words? Those words separated between complimenting imagery. Imagery that isn't just pretty, but something that explains and moves the story along. In the business world, being able to create your own graphics/imagery and writing copy is the power couple to success in the online world.

  • Have you ever had a blog? Do you blog on any other platform?

    Absolutely, as mentioned before, I have had a million and one blogs. Did I say less? I truly lost count. In my teen years, not too long ago...I promise, I had started a few Blogger blogs in attempt to force myself to write more. Turns out I didn't have a lot to say when I wasn't traveling around (that's all I thought about at the time), so then I made a new blog for a new trip...and well, you can see it got a bit out of hand.

    When I started getting a bit older and a only a little bit wiser, I created my longest blog on Wordpress. I tried monthly post challenges, posting my creative writing... It was pretty neat! I think Wordpress is my favorite blogging channel, except that it's expensive beyond the needs of a creative output. During my Wordpress phase, I was having an affair with Wix, because they had all the fun bells and whistles. Even before HTML5 and their improved blogging system. 

    However, I still don't think Wix is appropriate for word vomiters, and thus I'm kind of excited to start writing on Blogger again. Went full circle, didn't we!?

  • What are your goals with this class blog other than writing your project critiques?

    So far, my idea for this blog includes some minor updates of my other classes this semester. I think it would be really cool to have this page to fall back on. (After I redesign it 99 more times!)


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